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GA Lic # CN004445

Gas or Electric Heat Pump Services

Whether you have a regular gas furnace, electric furnace or electric heat pump we will be able to determine the problem and do our best to repair your system.  We will also check to see if your heat strips are working properly.

We provide a full range of gas and electric heat pump services. We feature high-performance, high-efficiency equipment to provide quiet, year-round comfort.

Our technicians are experts at thermostat compatibility, defrost technology, and filter drier system protection from moisture and contaminants. We routinely service systems that are Energy Star compliant and use earth-friendly refrigerants.

Don’t let gas or electric heat pump problems increase utility bills, shorten equipment life, or cause frequent, unexpected breakdowns.

Call McCord HVAC today at (770) 459-3883.

McCord HVAC INC. 890 Daniel Rd, Villa Rica, Ga 30180, 770-459-3883 Office, 770-459-0918 Fax, info@mccordhvacinc.com

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