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Zone Service

McCord HVAC & Refrigeration knows that various areas of homes and businesses have different cooling and heating needs. We can help you control the temperature in these areas based on their use and occupancy.

Our technicians consider the purpose of the room, whether the room is exposed to sunlight, and occupants’ special needs. A customized zoning system can then be designed and installed so that every square foot of the property is comfortable and usable.

We have years of experience creating special humidity, heating and cooling zones. We make rooms usable whether they are heavily or seldom used. Best of all, the home or business owner is in complete control because of the latest cutting-edge technology.

McCord technicians look at air conditioner size, ductwork, multifloor dynamics, dampers, thermostats, and many more factors. Let us end your temperature frustrations and help you save money on utility costs.

Call McCord HVAC today at (770) 459-3883.

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